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“Robots are more than just a phenomenon, they will change our social environment by penetrating services and industrial trade.
By understanding the needs of our customers, we can meet the challenges of tomorrow”
Jean Christophe Gostanian, CEO & Owner

Avatarion Technology AG is a leading technology company specializing in the development of innovative software solutions for humanoid robots, digital avatars with voice control and compact avatags. With a clear focus on robotics, artificial intelligence and sensor technology, Avatarion is shaping the future of human-technology interaction. Our products and services provide advanced solutions for sectors such as hospitality, reception services, restaurants and many other industries. Avatarion stands for pioneering technologies that take interaction with robots and intelligent systems to a new level.

Reception / Practice

The humanoid robot Cruzr manages the reception in an orthodontic clinic


Digital companions on smart devices


Very small sensors to collect environmental data

Bring Me Robots

Coffee Island - Orea as a Barista

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With the rapid development of technology

new products such as Avasuite have also emerged. Avasuite combines all our experience in a powerful software solution. It makes it easy to program and adapt humanoid robots and avatars to different requirements. From event preparation to complex tasks such as the digitized reception process – Avasuite makes it possible.

Our avatars can seamlessly converse with users via audio and are available on virtually all smart devices. In addition, our avatags, the smallest sensors in the world, support our projects with precise environmental data such as temperature and movement.

At Avatarion, we stand for continuous innovation and the creation of solutions that revolutionize human-technology interaction. We look forward to accompanying you on your technological journey and shaping the future together.

ProjeCt avatarkids

Children who have to spend long periods of time in hospital often suffer from isolation. The Avatar Kids project ensures that young long-term patients do not lose contact with schoolmates and remain socially integrated.

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