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Avatarion Technology is active in the field of humanoid robotics. It develops applications and accessories for humanoid robots. The start-up is the importer of hardware from Softbank Robots Nao and Pepper, Hease Robotic and UBTECH with Alpha Mini and Cruzr for Switzerland. With the “YEO-Suite”, it has developed a Microsoft Office package for robotics that facilitates the work and usability of robots in tourism, healthcare and the hospitality industry.

Avatarion Technology is the expert and reference for humanoid robotics in Switzerland. The company is a welcome participant at many national and international trade fairs and conferences and represents Switzerland as an opinion leader at various high-tech trade fairs such as VIVA TECH in Paris.

Over time, Avatarion has expanded its territory. The YEO suite became AVASUITE. The CMS was extended by two additional modules and serves as the link in Avatarion’s ecosystem. AVATAR, AVATAG and AVABOT together form the foundation of AVASUITE. The various modules have many different applications and can be easily combined with each other. Thanks to API interfaces, AVASUITE can be integrated into any system.

Jean Christophe Gostanian, a multi-entrepreneur committed to the cause of seriously ill children, invented Avatar Kids to give children with cancer the opportunity to be represented at school or at home by a robot “Avatar” so that they can stay in touch with their peers and family throughout their convalescence. This ensures that the children are not forgotten and can maintain their social contacts, even if they are absent for a longer period of time.

“Robolution is progressing. More than a phenomenon, robots will change our social environment, services and industrial trade. Our global knowledge and understanding of our customers’ needs will ensure that we master the challenges of the future.”

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