Digital and customer-oriented

Find out how our technologies in robotics, artificial intelligence and sensor technology are shaping the future of human-machine interaction


Customer reception / e-receptionist

Welcome your arriving guests and visitors in a modern and innovative way.


Healthcare / retirement home

Digital solutions in practices, orthodontics, retirement and nursing homes.

Bring Me / Transport from A to B

The Bring Me robots guide your guests to their desired destination.


The Avatar Kids project uses NAO & Buddy to ensure that young long-term patients do not lose contact with their schoolmates and remain socially integrated.


Flexible workplaces, or reduce energy consumption, our avatags provide the data needed to achieve it

Avatars by Avatarion

Personal assistants, digital companions or simply an innovative customer experience. These are our 3D avatars


Pepper helps future doctors

We have developed a solution for the Institut et Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source in Lausanne that will help future doctors to dose medication.

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One Ecosystem

The Avasuite enables simple management, programming and control of robots, avatars and avatags. AVASUITE can establish various links to other applications using API calls. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, AVASUITE became even more powerful. CHATGPT integration in all our products.

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Link different apps with each other


Support from OpenAI


Simple user interface

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