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Avabot, the heart of Avatarion’s robotic solutions, redefines human-machine collaboration in a groundbreaking way. Our intelligent software enables the seamless integration of humanoid robots such as Pepper and Cruzr into diverse applications. From hotels and reception areas to restaurants and healthcare, Avabot offers customized solutions for a wide range of industries.

  • Customizable interaction

    Avabot allows you to customize the interactions of your robots to meet the needs and requirements of your industry.

  • Efficient automation

    Use the efficiency of humanoid robots for repetitive tasks to free up human resources and increase productivity.

  • Seamless integration

    Easily integrate Avabot into existing systems to ensure smooth operation in your corporate environment.

  • Versatile applications

    Whether as a friendly reception service, as support in the healthcare sector or as innovative service in a restaurant - Avabot adapts flexibly to different areas of application.


Humanoid robots in action

Reception / Practice

The humanoid robot Cruzr manages the reception in an

Reception Hotel Opera

Pepper, the humanoid robot, helps out at reception in the Hotel Opera.


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Data monitoring

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