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Avatar, the pioneering technology from Avatarion, brings the future of personal assistance into your life. Our interactive 3D avatars offer a unique way to control technology with simple voice commands and enjoy personalized services. Whether as a companion in a hotel, as a mobile navigation aid in large buildings or as a smart app on your smartphone – Avatar creates a new dimension of human interaction with technology.

  • Voice-controlled navigation

    Control your avatar effortlessly with simple voice commands to receive personalized services and information.

  • Personal assistance

    Avatar is more than a robot - it is your personal assistant that adapts to your needs and offers you unique experiences.

  • Versatile applications

    From hotels to large building complexes to mobile applications on your smartphone - Avatar adapts flexibly to different environments and application scenarios.

  • Innovative technology

    Avatar combines advanced robotics, artificial intelligence and voice control to usher in a new era of personal assistance.

Pilot project for the integration of humanoid robots
in the support system of the Bern vocational school GIBB

gibb - Berufsfachschule Bern

Humanoid robot Pepper and digital avatars provide support at school

Humanoid robots, digital avatars and ChatGPT from OpenAI

Avatarion Technology AG has launched a pioneering pilot project in collaboration with the Bernese vocational school GIBB to improve the school's support system. By integrating a humanoid robot, digital avatars and ChatGPT from OpenAI, students are offered an innovative and efficient support experience.

The humanoid robot Pepper is on hand to help students solve technical problems, create tickets and guide them through the support process. At the same time, digital avatars act as personal assistants by providing students with general information and helping them navigate through the school. With the support of OpenAI's ChatGPT, students also receive intelligent and customized answers to their questions.


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